save girl child!!

In ancient times the birth of a girl child was hailed as auspicious.An old Indian proverb lies down that a home without a daughter is like a body without soul.The coming of daughter in the hiuse was compared with goddess Lakshmi,the goddess of wealth etc.

The situation ,however drastically changed during the middle ages when India was frequently subjected to foreign invasions.There starts the problems:sending a girl child to school became risky-this leads to sudden decline of women literacy rate and also position of  women in society.This tradition,declining untill now.There was no hope that the growth of literacy rate in women untill and unless the mindset of the parents pampering their child since their childhood.The problem of female fetus is widespread in urban centers.with the help of new techniques it has become possible to determine the sex of the unborn baby or the fetus,if it is found to be a girl child then this is followed by abortion!Clinics offering such services have come up all over the country.

There are several laws against the misuse of parental diagnostic techiniques.which are meant only for detecting abnormalities in the unborn infant.The doctors.however violate this law.According to my extent of thinking,this was an unethical practice.

Due to some of the customs and traditions  followed by some particular sections ,the infanticide was yet to be happening still!